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Introducing Essex: The Beauty of a Home County

The Home Counties consist of Cambridgeshire, Essex , Hertfordshire, Sussex and Kent.

Essex... My home... the place I was born, where my children were born, where I went to school, had my first kiss, my first experience of a broken heart, where I graduated from university and maybe one day, where I will get married.

I’m quite patriotic about Essex. I guess we all are about our hometowns. I have always lived here and unless I leave for much warmer climates I will always reside here.

Essex is the home of lots of famous people; Dick Turpin, Dudley Moore, Rick Mayall, Alan Davis, Ben Shephard, Nick Frost, Nigel Benn, Joan Sims, Denise Van Outen, Helen Mirren, Alison Moyet, Germaine Geer, Sally Gunnell, Martina Cole, Olly Murs, McFly, Diversity, Dermot O’Leary, Pixie Lott, Martine McCutcheon, Maggie Smith, Ronnie O’Sullivan, Ross Kemp, Russell Brand and many others. It is the county for showmanship.

Whether you are fans or not, you cannot deny the success they have achieved.

Essex is beautiful. It has stunning scenery, and a magnificent history. It has an award winning coastline. It’s glitzy and glamorous yet tranquil and laid back.

Southend presents the biggest free air show in Europe. It just saw its 28th year and includes modern RAF & RN participation along with display teams, aerobatic aircraft and historic aircraft. Where else would you get this?

Colchester is one of the oldest recorded towns in England. It was first mentioned by Pliny the Elder, who died in AD 79. Where else would you get this?

Chelmsford is the home of Marconi and Britvic. It is the ‘heart’ of Essex, the county town and last month was officially declared a brand new city. It has a population of around 100,000 people. Myself being one of those!

Loughton is home to a production facility for British and foreign banknotes. The earliest structure in Loughton is Loughton Camp, an Iron Age earth fort in Epping Forest dating from around 500 BC. That is pretty amazing on its own but Loughton was also part of the huge dramatic social change Britain saw during the industrial revolution with the railway opening in 1856.

There are many many other places and points of interest that makes Essex what she is. Far too many to fit in one blog post. Check back for more Essex blogs over the coming weeks and months where I talk about how reality television put her on the map, more in depth accounts of her rich history and the hidden criminal underworld that exists throughout the boroughs.