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Lets Meet

Today I would like to introduce CJ Snyder to the ‘Let’s Meet’ segment. My first Trans-Atlantic interview!!

CJ resides in Colorado, USA and is the author of three Romantic Suspense novels, While You Were Dead, Maverick, and Dead Reckoning. She is also the lead admin for, a website full of exciting features such as book clubs, blogs and reviews on lots of different romance books.

Today we chat about her reasons and inspirations behind the books she has created, her take on social networking and her preferences in book formats.

“I couldn’t put this book down . The suspense will keep you turning pages all night long.”
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“Fast paced and I couldn’t put it down. Great characters, love the twists. So glad I found this author! Can’t wait for the next one.”
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“This would make a great movie! I’ll be watching for more books by this author, I’m hooked.”
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While You Were Dead is available at:

Maverick is available at:

Dead Reckoning is available at:

MW: Welcome to the Let’s Meet segment! Thank you for taking part. Firstly let’s talk about the Black Fire series. What was your reason behind these two books?

CS: I saw a young wife at a military funeral. She broke my heart, Kat was born and the what-ifs started pouring in. Because I must have a happy ending, the first was, What if he’s not really dead? What if he couldn’t tell her? What if she was pregnant and he didn’t know it? The rest followed from there. Then when Greg and Kat met (can’t tell more without a spoiler) I knew I had to tell his story, and try to solve Max’s nightmares.

MW: When you decided on your story, how did you set about researching?

CS: A “second son” to the family was in special ops in Afghanistan. I’ve used him for most of my technical information on Special Ops. I ask him things like, can they do this? If they did that would it be legal? I also ran things by a CSI friend. The rest of my research is done online.

MW: How long did it take from your first book being an idea in your head to a fully fledged book?

CS: The first one was years. I got the idea in 2004, but my husband was sick with prostate cancer. He died in 2005, and for a number of years I couldn’t write. Then last year, it was time again, and I wrapped up While You Were Dead in about five months. Dead Reckoning was start-to-finish in about a year.

MW: If the film rights to your novels were acquired, how involved would you want to be when it came to script writing, casting, directing and producing?

CS: What a fun question! I’d like script approval. I’m not a micro-manager but I wouldn’t ever want them to make my protagonists do anything that wasn’t heroic – at least not without a really, really good reason!

MW: Who would you like to play Max and Kat in While You Were Dead and Greg and Maria in Dead Reckoning?

CS: Channing Tatum for Max, Katherine Heigl for Kat, Chris Pine for Greg and Salma Hayek for Maria.

MW: Your reviews on Amazon for the Black Fire series and Maverick are mostly 5 stars. How much of social networking do you think contributes to that?

CS: Honestly, I don’t do much social networking. I tweet new releases, post great reviews on Facebook, but other than that, I just write.

MW: Do your books have book trailers? How important as a marketing tool do you think they are?

CW: Truthfully, I haven’t ever explored making a book trailer. I’ve watched very few of them. I get what I need from a book’s blurb and the opening paragraphs.

MW: I love my kindle and believe it is a marvellous invention. However it doesn’t quite replace my love for the printed book; the smell, the feel of the pages, even better if it is an ear chewed second hand version! Do you have a preference for e-book formats or the traditional paper and hardback versions?

CS: I never thought I’d become an ereader, never believed I’d vote for anything but the lovely-new-book smell of a bestseller, but I have to shout it out: I LOVE MY KINDLE! It always remembers my place, the cover doesn’t fall off, no matter how many times I take it on a trip with me, my thumb doesn’t get tired of holding the book open at night when I read myself to sleep, and I can take fifteen new books with me on vacation – all in my purse!

MW: Are you the type of person that constantly carries around a notepad to jot down ideas or are you more in the technical age and use a dictaphone or other sound recording devices?

CS: Notepad, all the way. I always have one with me, hopefully with a pen that’s working!

MW: When it comes to editing, do you employ the services of professional companies and bodies or do you take on the task yourself? (If professional, can you make any recommendations?)

CS: I have a fabulous critique group, and an exquisite editor in my daughter. I rely on them. The changes in the kindle formatting proved quite challenging this year, however, learning to adapt to different styles.

And finally, just for fun...

MW: If you were on a desert island, what three things would you choose as a ‘must have’?

CS: A computer, my friends, and my family. Of course my friends would have to bring their families too, so you’d best make mine a rather large deserted island.

Thanks for having me! I very much enjoyed the interview!

MW: Thank You for appearing in the ‘Let’s Meet’ segment this week.

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